Works on paper 
Watercolor, ink, graphite and collage 

Merging Into Layers, 2024,  30x22 cm

Birth in Layers, 2022,  29x21 cm

Home Builders, 2024, 30x22 cm

Growth Stages, 2023,  96x95 cm

Beginning of a Bird, 2019-23, 28x20,5 cm

Meeting of Rising Plants and Beings, 2022,  30x22 cm

Garden on the Head, 2022,  29x21 cm

Balance Rehearsals, 2022, 30x21 cm

Growing Place, 2022,  30x22 cm

Balance Seeker, 2022, 29x21 cm

We are Inside the Roots, 2022, 29x21 cm

Discussion about Forms, 2022, 29x21 cm

Wanderer with Red Cheeks, 2022, 30x22 cm

Exhibition view Mikko Kallio “Gentle Meeting”,  a271, Düsseldorf, 2022

Stage, 2022, 29x21 cm

Gardeners, 2022, 56x76 cm 

Climber and a Play, 2020,  29x21 cm

Irtautujat (Beings Apart), 2020,  30x22 cm

Antenna Hat and Friends, 2019, 28x21 cm

Celebration of an Abandoned Place, 2020,  29x21 cm

We Grow Small, We Learn to Fly, 2019, 28x21 cm

Snowman Miracle, 2020, 30x22 cm

Protective Suit, 2019, 28x21 cm

Examining the Universe, 2019, 28x21 cm

Wonderer and Cloud, 2019, 28x21 cm

Vauvan esittelijä (Showing a Baby), 2019, 28x21 cm

Observation Place, 2019, 28x21 cm

Talk of the Insect, 2019, 28x21 cm

Swimmer and Mask With Tears, 2018, 28x21 cm

Life Situations of Friends, 2018, 56x71 cm

Growth of New Eyes, 2016, 28x21 cm

Insect Universe, 2016, 28x21 cm

Renewal, 2015, 28x20 cm

Wings, 2015, 28x21 cm

Magicians, 2015, 28x21 cm

Magician, 2013, 28x21 cm

Untitled, 2013, 28x21 cm

Flower head, 2013, 28x21 cm